Playoffs 2020 Episode 1: The Road to Redemption

Welcome back Listeners… we hope!

The From the Point Podcast returns this week with a play-in round preview show.

In period 1 we will review the Flames training camp and exhibition game versus the Oilers. We’ll give our thoughts on positives, negatives, goaltending, and, of course, where Sam Bennett belongs in the line up.

In period 2 we talk about the other Western conference play-in round along with our predictions. We think you will enjoy the fact that neither of us picked the Canucks to advance.

In period 3 we do the same for the Eastern conference play in round. Nobody on this podcase is selecting the Montreal Canadiens to beat the much better Penguins, but take heart Habs fans, there are analytics out there favoring your squad apparently.

Lastly, in Overtime, we give our predictions for how the seeding will work out following the round robin of the top teams in each conference.

Please enjoy!

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