Episode 012

Welcome back listeners! After a long break there is a ton of topics to get into, so let’s get right to it.

First Period: Our co-hosts discuss some of the more prominent games over the past couple of weeks for the Flames including the games against Tampa Bay, Winnipeg and San Jose. We weren’t purposely choosing games that the Flames won, but fortunately they won the big ones.

Second Period: We did into the story out of Dallas where the Stars CEO went on a media offensive against Jamie Benn and Tyler Seguin. We talk Kucherov, All-Star Captains and injuries around the league.

Third Period: We couldn’t help ourselves, we had to talk about the Edmonton Oilers. After a nice start to his coaching tenure, Ken Hitchcock has seen his team drop 6 in a row, which has led to GM Peter Chiarelli making some bizarre trades to shore up the team to help turn the tide. This is pretty much just two Flames fans taking runs at the Oilers as a hockey organization for about 20 minutes. Good fun was had by all.

Overtime: It’s the time of year to make resolutions for self-improvement and we came up with a list for the Calgary Flames to follow in the 2019.

Episode 011

Welcome to Episode 11! Tonight our co-hosts are recording from different locations with Andy in Dallas with the Flames and Jim left behind in Calgary.

In the first period, we discuss a very solid 3-0-0 week for the Flames that included a wild comeback vs Philadelphia, a tight-checking and somewhat nasty affair in Minnesota, and finally a very public humiliation in St. Louis.

For the second period we change gears and take a look at the importance of specialty teams. Using a complex mathematical formula (Powerplay%+Penalty Kill%=Overall Special Teams%) we look at the league’s best when it comes to special teams. You might be surprised by some teams that are in the top 5 and also by some teams *cough* Toronto Maple Leafs *cough* that didn’t make the cut.

In the third period we discuss the validity of Ken Hitchcock’s complaint that Connor McDavid is not drawing enough penalties. He has drawn 11 so far this season, which is tied for 17th in the league. We examine the players who have drawn more than him and try to determine if Hitchcock is just whining or if he might be on to something. Then we argue about whether top players should get special treatment from the refs.

Finally in Overtime we stick with the basics and do a little rapid fire trivia.

Thank you so much for listening and we hope you enjoy the show!

Episode 010

Welcome back listeners! Sorry about the mix up. This is a repost with the full episode!

In Period One we talk about a crazy week for the Flames that included wins over Columbus, Minnesota, and Nashville which put them in first place in the Western Conference and then a disappointing loss in the Battle of Alberta.

In Period Two we talk about potential relocation options around the league. Will we see a team in Houston soon? Quebec City? Kansas City? Who might move?

In Period Three we discuss the upcoming expansion draft that will fill out the roster for Seattle. The rules will be the same as the Vegas draft so we project the Flames protected players and talk about whether they will protect 7 Forwards 3 Defensemen and 1 Goalie or 8 Players and 1 Goalie.

Finally in Overtime we have another round of trivia. In honour of the Flames reaching the top of the Western conference for the first time since 1993, Jim is tested on his knowledge of the 1993 Calgary Flames.

Episode 009

Hello Listeners!

In the First Period, we discuss another positive week for the Flames as they battle the Anaheim Ducks for first in the Pacific Division. We talk about the games against Dallas, LA, and Chicago. We also discuss talk about Andrew Mangiapane and the goaltending situation.

For the Second Period we take a look at the league according to goal differentials. We first discuss the bottom 5 teams and their struggles, including (amazingly) the Ducks who have an awful differential but find ways to accumulate points. We then talk about teams in the top 5 of the league and the only potential surprise among them is a familiar group.

In the Third Period, we talk about the William Nylander signing. It was the talk of the league and should have ramifications for the upcoming restricted free agent group including: Matthews, Marner, Tkachuck, Aho, Laine, and others.

And finally, who doesn’t love a good rant. Andy gives his thoughts on the rumblings that with Seattle joining the league, that the Flames and Oilers might be the teams on the move to the central division rather than the Coyotes.

Episode 008

Welcome back! In the first period of today’s episode, we discuss a high scoring week for the Calgary Flames, which somehow also included being shut out. We review the week that was as we always do and talk about our pick for the Flames MVP at the quarter mark.

In the second period we talk about the Strome/Perlini-Schmaltz trade and the Philadelphia Flyers.

Then in the third period we profile the Winnipeg Jets, who are off to a strong start and are looking like a contender this year. However, there are some red flags even as Patrik Laine is heating up.

Lastly in overtime we switch from the NHL to Canadian Men’s Olympic team trivia.

Thank you for listening!